M2H Documentary: Surgery on the 6th Ring of Saturn

November 1, 2019 General 0 Comments

“Much more than a documentary, the film will build a kinship between the viewer and a host of leading characters, some human, some made up of steel and state-of-the-art medical/surgical technology all set against the backdrop of a most formidable character – the sheer geographic topography forged to get to destinations like the “hinterlands” of Mongolia and inaccessible terrain of countries throughout the Continent of Africa and the Philippines.” 

When Mission to Heal went to Mongolia last year, we had the pleasure of having documentary film crew, Maniglia Media, join us. You may remember our blog post from last year recounting their project, “Surgery on the Sixth Ring of Saturn.” By incorporating insightful interviews with enlightening footage, they aimed to create a film that brings awareness to the global healthcare burden by profiling of our organization’s work and objectives. With the aid of their Kickstarter, the team was able to travel to Mongolia and gather countless hours of valuable footage.

Now, Surgery on the Sixth Ring of Saturn needs your help to finish the project! Check out the film’s teaser down below, and visit their website here to learn more about how you can get involved.