Thank you for your interest in serving with Mission to Heal! Dr. Geelhoed has been leading medical missions to developing countries for more than 40 years. Mission to Heal coordinates the logistics of these expeditions.
Submit the application below, along with a $200 deposit, to be considered for an upcoming mission.


    Degree/training at the time of the trip




Your Education, Training, and Skills.

Your Experience.

Your Health.

Mission to Heal field teams often travel to remote and physically demanding environments. Your contributions to our efforts may include, but will not be limited to: lifting and carrying of supply bags weighing 50 lbs. or less, transportation of patients by stretcher, traveling long distance by automobile, forgoing a normalized meal schedule, and generally adapting to a resource poor and or high stress environment. Your safety is our obligation. An inability to perform the above tasks is not necessarily grounds for exclusion.



We can recommend a suitable mission travel agent or you can work with your own agent. Arrangements and payments for flights to and from the host country can be made directly to the travel agent or can be made through M2H. We usually travel to the host country as a team so it is advisable to have any individual connecting flights join up with the Mission Flight. Please be aware that often the less expensive seats on overseas flights sell out as early as two months in advance. Volunteer early, then purchase your flights just as soon as you have been accepted for the mission. We also recommend that volunteers check out the Doximity Foundation, which awards scholarships to medical volunteers on overseas missions to help cover flight costs. These are awarded twice a month, and Mission to Heal volunteers have secured scholarships from this organization in years past.


Each volunteer is limited to one “carry-on” bag. Each volunteer is also expected to check two large M2H duffle bags of donated medical supplies and equipment (which we furnish). Bringing any items in addition to the one carry-on and the two medical bags is discouraged because of space and weight limitations on our chartered flights in small aircraft within many host countries.


Because you only have the one carry-on, you will need to carefully select your wardrobe and personal items. A suggested equipment list will be provided. We will also send you additional information on customs of the host country, suggested reading, what to expect in terms of living arrangements, etc.

Inoculations and Immunizations:

You should contact your local health department for advice on the inoculations, immunizations, and prophylactic medications recommended for work in the host country. Often, Dr. Geelhoed can provide medical advice in this matter.

Visa Information:

Visa requirements vary widely from country to country. Some countries do not even require a visa (an example: Philippines). In other countries visas can be obtained upon entry (an example: Morocco). Still other countries require that you obtain a visa before travel or be denied entry (n example: South Sudan). In these latter instances often a letter of invitation is required to obtain a visa. M2H will assist volunteers for such countries, but in all cases the volunteer is responsible for securing a visa.

Application Fee/Deposit/Donations:

To be considered for a M2H expedition, you must submit this application along with a deposit of $200.
If you are denied acceptance, or if you must withdraw from the proposed mission, the deposit will not be refunded. You may use the deposit in a later application for a trip; otherwise, we will both consider it a donation.
If you are accepted on a mission, $100 of the deposit will be refunded on the condition that you submit your required reflection essay within 2 weeks of the mission's end.

Funding the Trip:

Unfortunately we do not have sufficient operating funds to allow a volunteer to participate without covering his or her expenses. Past volunteers have raised the necessary funds through family, friends, churches, schools, and other agencies. Cost of missions do vary and must be paid – in full – prior to departure.



By signing this application, I, along with all members of my family, do hereby voluntarily waive any and all claims for any reason against Mission to Heal (DBA Mission2Heal), or its officers, leaders, and associated institutions or sponsors.

By signing this application, I also certify that to the best of my knowledge, I am physically and mentally able to participate in a Mission to Heal expedition.