Thanks for your interesting in joining a mission! We’re passionate about life-changing medical care, and we’re glad that you are, too.


Volunteer Questions

Applying for a Mission

Do I need to be a medical student or medical professional to participate?

We are in need of a variety of participants – some medical students, some medical professionals, and a few non-medical volunteers. Whatever your background or expertise, you are invited to apply!

How do I apply?

If you are ready to seriously commit to a mission we invite you to apply on our website. Have personal information ready like your emergency contact, passport details, a resume, and credit card details to submit the application deposit.

What does it cost, and when is it due?

• Every applicant is asked to submit a non-refundable tax-deductible $100 donation with their application.
• Joining a mission is free; all costs are covered by M2H, but all volunteers are required to fundraise $5,500 for Mission to Heal. The $100 from your application is included in this amount. This is due six weeks prior to departure. If the total amount of $5,500 is not reached, you may choose to make up the difference yourself; however, any amount that has been contributed to that point is non-refundable.
• All donations to Mission to Heal, a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, are tax-deductible, both for yourself and for others who support you. Use the fundraising toolkit to help!

What is the $5,500 fundraising amount used for?

• The cost of your airfare from your home country to the hosting country
• In-country food
• In-country lodging
• In-country transportation
• Medical supplies used by the team
• Operational costs of the Mobile Surgical Units used during the mission
• Contributing to the overhead costs of Mission to Heal

What level of training is required?

• We do not require a specific level of medical training, but please let us know about any special skills in your application. Each team will have a variety of expertise represented.

What if I’m not ready to commit to a mission?

• Please sign up for our e-newsletter to be notified about upcoming missions and stay up-to-date with Mission to Heal. You may also contact us with any questions you have.

Can I arrive late to a mission or leave early?

• For safety reasons, participants must commit to the full duration of the mission, which is normally two weeks long.

How do flights work?

• We will organize your flight using special humanitarian airfare accommodations from the major airport nearest you. Flights will be booked one month in advance of the trip, and only after the complete $5,500 fundraising has been submitted. If you would like to change this flight, you may contact the travel agency on your own and all costs associated will be your responsibility.

Preparing for a Mission

How much luggage can I bring?

• We suggest that you travel as light as possible. The mission team will be moving around in-country with limited storage space. We may ask you to bring medical equipment and material in a separate checked bag on our behalf.

Do I need a Visa?

• In most cases, yes. Visa requirements are determined on a country-by-country basis, and your mission coordinator will notify you of requirements and instruct you on the best way to apply for a Visa. This is the responsibility of each participant.

What should I bring?

• Because storage space is limited, it is important to choose wardrobe and personal items carefully. We suggest:

In Your Wallet

• Cash (US dollars and local currency) for incidental expenses
• Insurance card


• Passport
• Visa
• Immunization records
• Tickets (airfare, train, etc.)
• Medical ID tag with blood type, etc.

Personal Equipment

• Sunglasses and/or hat
• Phone and charger
• Reusable water bottle
• Notebook or journal, with pens
• Electrical adapter
• Personal required medication
• Laundry detergent for hand washing clothes

Optional Equipment

• Hand sanitizer
• Insect repellent
• Flashlight or headlamp
• Sunscreen
• Microfiber towel
• Frisbee or bubbles for local kids
• Toilet paper
• Water purifiers
• Snacks like oatmeal, energy bars, etc. as meals can be irregular

What vaccines, inoculations, or immunizations do I need?

• Mission to Heal strongly advises all participants to abide by the recommendations provided by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Where will we be sleeping?

• Our lodging will be arranged by the local hosting organization for each country.
• Do not expect to be housed in a motel with private rooms and individual beds.
• Depending on the location, we may advise you to bring a thin, inflatable sleeping pad and a simple covering (light blanket or sheet) and a light sleeping bag.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

• Volunteers don’t need a lot. Consider bringing two changes of clothing and three pairs of undergarments to cover days where washing clothing is not an option. Be sure to bring laundry detergent in a plastic bag.
• Please note that in some countries an exposed female leg is considered indecent. For formal occasions, dresses are appropriate for women and long pants are appropriate for men. Dresses should reach below the knee. At work scrub suits are acceptable. Visit a scrub suit outlet to pick up a couple to bring with.
• Each volunteer will also receive a Mission to Heal t-shirt to be worn on the trip.

What kind of medical care will we be giving?

• The mission team often sees a variety of cases on each trip. Most commonly, M2H deals with goiters (often performing thyroidectomy), hernia repair, and removing lipoma. Correcting burn SCAR contractures or congenital abnormalities like clefts is also common. M2H has also performed some ophthalmologic procedures and seeks to perform services related to Safe Motherhood. In short, it all depends on what patients we find!

Contributing to a Mission

Do you take donations of medical equipment?

• Yes we do, but please contact us regarding need and timing before sending any equipment or supplies.

How can I donate to Mission to Heal?

• Please visit our simple donation portal to make a secure online gift. You may also send a check to our offices or contact us about other ways to give. All donations to Mission to Heal are 100% tax-deductible as M2H is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. And thank you!

How can other people donate to support my trip?

• Simply use our donation portal or write a check with the volunteer’s name in the Memo. All donations to Mission to Heal are 100% tax-deductible as M2H is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

What if I want to host a M2H team abroad or contribute to a mission in another way?

• Please contact us to learn about other ways you can get involved with Mission to Heal.