Uganda 2021: Orientation

October 5, 2020 Missions, General

As we continue to monitor the global situation of the pandemic, we are putting together a tentative schedule of missions for 2021. Uganda was one of the last places our team could visit in March before the Coronavirus halted any further missions. 

We hope to return to our friends in Uganda soon. 

In preparation for this potential mission, we have compiled a list of educational resources and reflections to help potential volunteers orient themselves to the mission site as well as our personal connection there. 

During our time in Uganda, we were able to host several medical tutorials as we traveled through various municipalities and villages. These lessons served to guide local medical professionals through some of the most common surgical operations. These sessions, one of the most essential aspects of our missions, were both well-attended and well-received by local volunteers. 

“It has been an educational week and I have learned a lot from Professor Glenn and the team. I wish them to come again as we are now part of them and still need to learn from them.”

(Okulu, Volunteer)

Read all the reflections from our Uganda mission volunteers in our Training the Training series. We also received two more, in-depth reflections from two volunteers from that same trip: Emmanuel and Lucy

Lastly, you can gain a more holistic understanding of Uganda and the nation’s medical situation in this mission profile. The information outlined in this resource serves to highlight the dire need for systemic transformation within the current healthcare system. 

We have more resources about Uganda, medical missions, and our unique approach to medical healing on our blog. 

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