Training the Trainers: Reflections from Uganda (Part Three)

This is the last installment of a series. Read from the beginning here. 

Dr. G wrote the following in January, when M2H was in Uganda: 

“I found out that midwife Sharon aspirations of going to medical school and that is one of the reasons she had hung on avidly and taken extensive notes during the tutorials and was delighted to see what a US Medical Professor was like—here, and giving out freely one on one what GWU students pay $68,000 US dollars each year to hear. What is more amazing is her story. She works 24/7 and gets a salary of 350,000 Ugandan Shillings per month. Less than $100.00 US Dollars. To get one semester of Medical school classes costs 2.5 million shillings or the equivalent if she never had another expense or the buying of clothes or her red-tinted hairstyle, she would work 14 months for just one semester of tuition and that did not include books and living expenses.” 

The following are reflections from Sharon and her peers written after our week-long medical tutorials at the Minakulu camp.  

Sharon, Midwife 

“The training was beneficial to me. I was able to learn how to manage burns, how to treat other surgical conditions such as osteocytes and others, and I was able to interact and make new friends.” 


Edoch, Volunteer 

“Tutorial: the CME (continuing medical education) has been so good, lecture and explanation was good. Lecturer was friendly to the participant. The procedures have been so good, explanation during procedures has been good, the participants were taught with surgical procedures. The camps have been so good and it has given us more knowledge of which we can practice minor surgery.”


Training the Trainers,” one of M2H’s core tenants, illustrates our commitment to make surgical care more accessible worldwide. Our belief is that each educational mission, inspired volunteer, and tutorial participant helps us progress towards a world where surgical care is accessible to all.

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