Training the Trainers: Reflections from Uganda (Part One)

“Our tutorial began with an introduction into the educational component of our M2H Missions and how it would work. Rafael led off on the discussion of burns, the kinds of agents that can burn and the depth and width and the treatment. We set up the three stations to screen always being certain that the focus of the screening station was the local trainee.”  

This excerpt from Dr. G’s journal recounts M2H’s opening day in Minakulu, Uganda. During our week-long stay at this site, we were able to share our medical expertise with several local volunteers. Below, you will find their reflections on the tutorials and the steps they will take to ensure continued medical care in their community. 

Ocen Francis, Registered Nurse 

“The training has been good and interesting. During CME, assessment and in the theatre I learned a lot and I have gained a lot knowledge and skills in managing different conditions. I would like to appreciate Dr. G and the team for the knowledge and skills given. I would also like to thank you for the support you have given to this faculty and the community at large. I wish you all well in your work. May God bless you abundantly.” 

Balagna Samuel, Doctor 

“It has been a good period for me. I have learned a lot of things which include:

  1. How to decide who to operate on (operability and receptibility) 
  2. Rational use of antibiotics 
  3. Continuous medical education on many cases and topics like episiotomy, sickle cell disease, hernias, obstetric emergencies, hydroceles, aseptic techniques, etc. 
  4. I learned a lot of surgical skills like hernia repairs, excision of lipomas and sebaceous cysts, etc. 

I will make sure I practice all that I’ve learned from today and make sure that I pass on (teach) other people too. “ 

Patrick, Anaesthetist 

“First of all, I appreciate the entire team for their hard working, dedicated, and self-motivated team, with their patient focused approach. However the team also had ample time to share their experience (practical) and I am pleased with the knowledge and skills Dr. Glenn imparted on us in terms of surgical skills both practically and theoretically. Seeing patients being operated in a mobile van successfully has been my first encounter ever. I couldn’t believe it but appreciated it because the van contains almost all the basics in any operating room. This left me with a lot to admire in working with the team a little more. “ 

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