Training the Trainers: Tobias (Kenya)

“Tobias started out his employment as a security guard with the LTWP (Lake Turkana Wind Power) and then had a post in the clinics and is now some kind of freelancer. He had been hesitant to come along with us since this training might preclude his getting a remunerative assignment and he could not afford that. He has four kids and a wife named Sophie, and I had met each of them. He showed up on the day we packed up at the lake to leave for the Karungu Clinic and we have been happy to have him with us.”

This excerpt from Dr. Geelhoed’s April journal describes Tobias, one of the three doctors we worked with in Kenya. Tobias was a Clinical Officer on voluntary leave from Laiyangulani when we met him. Through Dr. Geelhoed’s tutorials, M2H was able to impart our knowledge of lipoma, cyst, and foreign body removal to Tobias; procedures that he could do successfully by the end of our mission. Below, you will find Tobias’ reflection.

“Since I started volunteering with the Mission to Heal organization, I have learned enormously about surgical procedures, especially the removal of lipoma, cyst, and foreign bodies from a patient I met during M2H exercises.

It was a really great experience to serve the neediest community of Laisamis sub-county.

I personally thank Mission to Heal for giving me the privilege to put into practice what I did not learn in medical school and am now able to help my society confidently by removing cyst, foreign bodies, and lipoma from any site of the body.

I kindly request that Mission to Heal visit us again and teach us higher level operations. M2H has been of greater help to the society of Laisamis, Loiyangalani, Kurusngu, Gallardo, and Bur-Armia; many of the residences mentioned above were served with dignity and are stable and doing well.

Thanks a lot, Mission to Heal and I wish you all the best in your endeavors.
God bless.”

According to the same journal entry cited in our introduction, the time Mission to Heal spent with Tobias inspired him to do even more with us. He even asked us if he could accompany us on future missions so that he may learn more, do more, and now teach more. Although Tobias will be staying Kurungu for the moment, we are confident that we have left the area in the hands of talented and competent doctors just like Tobias.

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