Training the Trainers: Q+A with Lucy Alayno (Uganda)

The following is a participant reflection on the M2H-led Medical Education Camp in Uganda. 

1. What was the impact of M2H coming to your facility this week and how do you plan to implement what you learned in your practice?

The coming of M2H to our facility has brought a great impact especially to us health workers and the entire community as well. We have learned about how to carry out other procedures. For example, we learned how to perform hydrocelectomy using local anesthesia. We also learned the importance of not wasting equipment. Our plan for the facility should be based on routine booking and surgical operations in order to implement what we have learned from the M2H visit.

2. There will always be another patient to treat and another operation to perform but there will never be enough time to do it all. So, considering the given situation and the fact that M2H was only here for a week: How could you make efficient use of the limited time we have to treat as many patients as possible? 

  1. To use the limited time we should consider fully:
  2. Improving time management 
  3. Availability of theatre staff at a given time
  4. Availability of equipment 
  5. Availability of drugs 


3. Tell us about 1 patient you helped this week – what was their problem, and what were we able to do to help them? 

There was one patient with an umbilical hernia. When she was brought into the theatre, the procedure was explained to her. The surgical site was cleaned and she was given local anesthesia. Then, an incision was made and the hernia was removed. The site was stitched and dressed. We gave the patient some pain killers for the day and the patient was sent back home without much complaint. 


4. Describe the impact of this medical educational mission on you as a local health professional.

  1. This medical education has made the work so easy and simple
  2. We have seen that local anesthesia is enough when treating patients with hydrocelectomy and hernia.
  3. We can do as many procedures as possible to reduce the number of patients and make best use of their time.


Lucy is working tirelessly to sustain the M2H legacy by providing medical care in her community. Help us make global medical care more accessible and join our mission.