The Significance of a Documentary Film

Since our formal inception in 2014,  Mission to Heal has been blessed with the support of so many individuals. Unfortunately, many of them can experience our medical missions merely to the extent that blog posts and pictures permit. That’s why we want to produce a documentary film, “Surgery on the Sixth Ring of Saturn.”

We hope to achieve two things through an accessible medium like a film. First, we want to translate abstract cities and faces into concrete depictions of the reality for the 5 billion people who don’t have basic access to surgical care. Second, we hope this film can function both as a celebration of Mission to Heal’s past missions and as a catalyst to start a global conversation about this health epidemic.

Our film will take audiences through the entire story of Mission to Heal. Not only will viewers gain access to intimate interviews from Dr. Geelhoed and volunteers, they will also experience the MSU-II in all of its capacity. For those of who are not familiar with MSU-II, it is the newest of our Mobile Surgical Unit vehicles. Development on the “super truck” began early last year and finished just last month! This documentary provides an opportunity to showcase the new, all-terrain vehicle in action, and on screen.

You’ve been with us since the beginning, and we thank you. This film will depict a clear, unadulterated view of our present world. Help us promote a better future for everybody and donate today. Our Kickstarter will be active until the 20th of July.