Pledge Your Birthday to M2H

February 27, 2020 General 0 Comments


A birthday is a celebration of life. Pledge your birthday to Mission to Heal and make your contribution to the continued celebration of life that is medical care.

Birthdays have been on our minds a lot lately. Our founder Dr. Geelhoed celebrated his 78th birthday in January, and our Executive Director Bart Kruijsen just had his birthday earlier this month! It’s been an exciting beginning to the year so far.

We’ve also been thinking about birthdays since we launched a new online giving platform. This site allows users to pledge their birthday to Mission to Heal in the click of a button. Pledging a birthday means that you ask your friends and family to donate to a nonprofit in lieu of receiving gifts.

What better way to celebrate your birthday than by supporting the causes that you care about! Best of all, pledging your birthday means the joy of celebration extends beyond just one day of the year. If you’d like to raise for a more general campaign, Donately also makes it easy to do so.

We are so excited to launch our profile on Donately. Let’s get pledging!

Why Mission to Heal? Learn more about our core mission here.