MSU-II: Ready for Africa


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Instead of taking the patient to the operating room, Mission to Heal takes the operating room to the patient. Check out our partnership with Bliss Mobil and learn more about treating the furthest people first at

We train and educate local health workers to continue to deliver health care, even when we have moved on.

We do this with volunteers from all over the world, giving medical students and other passionate people the opportunity for a transformational learning experience.

In order to have the mobility to reach those people in the most remote places, Mission to Heal has dreamed of independently operating mobile surgical units.

And that’s where Bliss Mobil came into the picture. They are a Dutch company with the proven ability to build expedition vehicles to go anywhere. With their team, they took this opportunity to fully develop these two special, independently functioning mobile surgical units.

The surgical unit is equipped with a pressure system, an independent energy supply, and – to ensure continuity – multiple backup systems are in place.

The support unit functions as a staff facility, operation theatre, and it can hold more than 800 liters of water, which is purified on board.

Now, this Mobile Surgical Unit is ready to bring healing care to the furthest people first.