Mongolia 2018 Reflection: The First of Many (Kayla Spicer)

December 18, 2018 Volunteer Reflections 0 Comments

Looking forward to this mission to Mongolia I can truly say I had no idea what to expect. This lack of expectation for what the next day would hold persisted for the entire duration of the trip and looking back I think that this aspect of the trip was one of the greatest blessings.

We are supposed to go into a new place with the preparation and the knowledge to be able to help to the best of our ability, but I think this trip taught us to go in with increased humility, flexibility, and readiness to learn and not just teach. Our plans did not necessarily line up with the plans of the local medical professionals or the Railway company’s schedule at first, but those factors did not inhibit effective cooperation to reach the mutual desire to help the people of Mongolia.

This trip was my first of hopefully many medical missions trips and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity as a medical professional in training still in school to see medicine in a context so far removed from the classroom. I learned from our volunteers, the Mongolian volunteers, and the patients themselves. This mission left me wanting to more of medical missions as a whole, and Mission to Heal specifically. Thank you so much for the opportunity.